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Since 1985 we have been breeding horses of the pure Spanish breed (PRE) with great passion on our premises at the foot of the Bavarian Forest. In the very centre of our efforts is the bloodline just as well as the character and the esprit of each individual animal. In addition we have committed ourselves to the breeding of a particular type in regard to the exterior and the paces of this historic breed. Here, we rely on our intuition more than on current trends and we stick to our own ideas based on the collected knowledge of the long tradition in the breeding of the Iberian horses.

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Find information on our horses on this homepage or contact us directly. We sell stallions, mares and also foals. Among them are white and brown horses and even the rare black Andalusians. Find more information on the individual stallions and mares under "Horses for Sale"

If you want to have a look round our Stud Farm, just contact us. We are looking forward to your visit.

Andalusian Stud Farm at the foot of the Bavarian Forest.
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